Monday, January 11, 2010

New exercise goal!

While I was just starting out with walking again, during this first week I didn’t push myself to walk more than 20 min.

But since the hardest part is over, I’ve gotten my big butt up and out the door more than once and learned how good it felt…I need to increase my time.

So starting this week my new goal for walking is 45 min! And that’s 45 min of BRISK walking too! Not just leisurely strolling.

I missed one day of walking this past week and it did not feel good at all! I don’t want to go through a re-peat of that.

I started this month at 265. We’ll see how much I can lose by simply walking and cutting my calories below 1500. If It’s not significant enough I’ll add something like my workout tapes. Or maybe I’ll consider joining the local qym.

Now...just a little reminder of what I am working towards!


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